Central Comm’s People Pay Attention

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Time and time again, people who hire us to answer phones for their company are amazed at the level of service we provide. I know everyone says that, but in our case it’s true. I have listened to our operators work calmly with callers who are absolutely panicked, or frustrated, or just in need of assistance. In some cases, helping these people is literally NOT in our job description, but that doesn’t always matter, because serving your customers, and your own company is what you hired us to do, and we take that committment very seriously.

I used this saying as the photo for my post today, because it speaks to me, and to the people I work with here at Central Comm. We try our very best to take notice of what it is that makes your company and services unique, and we make certain to keep those things in mind as we answer phone calls, dispatch service people and collect your RSVP’S

Not everyone can say that, and not everyone gets such high praise as our operators recieve .

We are noticing what makes you sit up and notice.


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