How You Treat Your Customers Matters

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When you have been in business as long as Central Comm, you know for certain that it’s customer service that sets you apart from other businesses. In some instances, you are offering a product which is not truly unique, so what will differentiate you from your competition? It’s probably not price. In our case, we believe what sets us apart is our excellent customer service.

When you treat your customers with kindness and respect, people notice. They will tell their fellow business owners about you and word of mouth matters.

As the Houston Chronicle notes, outstanding customer service can help set your business apart from the competition. For example, if you own one of several small coffee shops in your city, all of which serve organically roasted coffee and feature live jazz on the weekends, it’s likely that your offerings will not be what sets you apart, rather it will be the way you treat your customers which will help you rise above the rest.

Studies have found companies that focus on outstanding customer service tend to be more competitive and successful than those that do not, The Huffington Post notes. Research conducted on behalf of the Society for Human Resources Management and the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology found a clear link between positive customer service and satisfied clients, which in turn leads to a better overall financial performance for the company.

While being kind and polite to your clients goes a long way in establishing a company culture of great customer service, it’s also a great idea to go above and beyond when you can and reward customers in other ways. We almost exclusively deal with other companies’ customers, which can make the task of going above and beyond even more challenging than a company who only deals with their customers. But that doesn’t stop our people from doing their very best to handle issues that may go beyond the scope of our duties when it’s called for.

We have consistently won awards for our service, and the only reason we care about those awards is to try and ensure that our people are truly giving excellent service.

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