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We have talked about this subject  before here on our blog. Outsourcing certain tasks and even entire departments for the sake of expedience and expertise. When companies hire Central Communications, they are outsourcing. Our company has been hired to answer phones, to serve as e-commerce support, to be a reservation service for large events and even as receptionists for growing companies. We understand outsourcing can be a valuable tool for your company. Today a trending topic it companies wanting to outsource their social media marketing activities. They aren’t entrusting their social media campaigns to traditional advertising companies, rather they are searching for companies who specialize in social media campaigns and online shop support.

Why is that? Well, one reason is social media platforms come and go. They evolve, and what worked yesterday doesn’t necessarily work today. If you don’t have the budget for an entire staff of social influencers, it’s probably best to outsource your social media to the people who “live it” every day.

But how do companies choose social media agencies to help achieve social media marketing success? Research and smart shopping, of course!


We suggest the following six steps to find an agency that will fit your needs:

  1. Know thyself first. 1) WHY do you want to use social media? 2) WHAT problems are you trying to solve; WHAT goals are you trying to accomplish? 3) HOW do you define success (which leads to WHICH KPIs and metrics will measure success)? 4) WHO is responsible or in charge of social media internally? 5) HOW much are you willing to spend?
  2. ASK. From questions about their experience to their client base, to the skill-set of their team and core competencies, ensure your agency isn’t a jack of all trades and master of none. What platforms or abilities do they focus on? How is their team certified to professionally manage your work?
  3. Understand. What deliverables (reports, stats, etc.) will be provided and at what frequency?
  4. Obtain. Get recommendations from outside vendors or consultants, as well as past and current clients.
  5. Make sense of the scope of work, terms, and conditions, and negotiate from there.
  6. Be curious. Ask questions and remain an active partner in the development and execution of your social media marketing strategy.

Even if you outsource your social media, it is still a good idea to have a couple of touch point people on the inside of your company. These inhouse people can then keep in touch with your social media company, they can feed them internal news stories which could make your social media campaign more personal. And follow your own social media campaigns, People who don’t really know your company could get off track with their messages. Stay involved.

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