Our World Is Changing- Can You Keep Up?

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Have you been to Panera or McDonald’s lately? There are tablets now, stationed at the front of the stores, where you input your order. These order stations even take cash now. Can you see the future? It’s here and its going to be very different, and finding where we fit in this new world is going to be a challenge for all of us.

Just in the past eight or nine years we have seen our own business change and we are working to keep up with those changes in order to stay relevant. Also to offer our clients the solutions they need in an ever changing environment. Yes, there are some tasks being overtaken by technology, and they tried that with replacing operators with voice mail,and people didn’t care for that. They like being able to talk to a person, not work their way through endless phones trees trying to get a problem taken care of.


There are those who have tried to replace our services with something called a chatbot. But like all tech devices, there are things they do well, and things they don’t. That’s not to say a next evolution of certain devices won’t be something companies like ours could integrate into our service to make things more efficient, but we feel that our services may get even more sophisticated and  in higher demand as certain others jobs are phased out.

Either way, at Central Comm, we are always looking out for what’s coming next and how we can help to make our clients’ lives easier.


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