Virtual Receptionist or Answering Service

Does your company need the services of a Virtual Receptionist, versus an operator who answers the phones and takes messages? While both job titles involve answering phones, one does more than the other.¬† Each one will take a message and pass it on to you. Sometime your answering service will even have access to your […]

Central Comm Can Take Your Orders!

If you have an E-Commerce site and not enough people to man it, fear not, Central communications is one of the best options for keeping up with orders from your website. Central Comm began it’s “life” as an overflow answering service for Doctors and Attorneys, but we have become So much more. As the demand […]

Be Careful With Your Social Media Posts

Did you have a bad day? Have a tiff with your co-worker? One of your students push you over the edge? Keep it to yourself, or rant to a friend. Take a piece of paper and write a scathing letter. But don’t broadcast your bad day for everyone to see. It’s likely that¬† angry post […]

Who Is Our Ideal Customer?

Who IS our ideal customer? That’s a tough question, because we don’t have just one type of ideal customer, we have several. The obvious answer is Doctors and Attorneys Offices. We have been answering their overflow calls for years and years. Today, however, we also serve as receptionists for many up and comping Law Firms […]

Central Comm, Serving the Medical Community

It is National Nurses week!! Why would that be something an answering service would celebrate? Earlier this week we took a moment and said Thank You to all of the nurses who give so much to care for us.Today, in honor of Nurses Week, we want to also talk about how Central Comm got it’s […]

Disaster Preparedness

Something no one wants to think about is preparing for a disaster. If you look around at news reports for the past year or so, without a doubt you will see that disasters happen, whether you are prepared for them or not. Waiting until a disaster is upon us is the worst possible time to […]

Becoming Successful

Success means looks different for each of us. For a long time, the picture of success was a fast, expensive car, a big fancy house and designer shoes. I think that’s changing. Most of the people who really coveted those things saw that they aren’t the end all be all in life. Success can mean […]

What’s More Important? New Customers or Existing Ones?

  Big corporations have a myraid of data tools at their dsiposal, and if I were a betting man, I would be that one of them is a formula for what it costs their company to replace a long time customer. I am sure someone at Central Comm know the answer to that, but I […]

How to Stay Productive

Between constant meetings, phone calls and emails, staying productive at work can be a challenge. However, the odds of staying productive can be greatly improved by taking some simple steps to lighten your workload.

How to be More Efficient With Your Time

We all get 24 hours in a day, yet some of us get way more done in a day than others. How is that possible? I wanted to know. So, I Googled “how to be more efficient with my time”, and one of the results was this. featured a post with 10 strategies for […]