Central Comm Can Take Your Orders!

Central Comm call center, Central Comm virtual receptionist, central comm ecommerce supprtIf you have an E-Commerce site and not enough people to man it, fear not, Central communications is one of the best options for keeping up with orders from your website.

Central Comm began it’s “life” as an overflow answering service for Doctors and Attorneys, but we have become So much more. As the demand has grown for people who can answer an 800 number for a website, we stepped in to help.

Not only do we take your calls, we can also take your orders. In Orange County, we serve as the order fulfilment for companies that sell Gift Baskets and other products that customers order through various websites. We are fully trained by our Orange County customers in their product line so that we can intelligently answer any questions that their customers may have.

The level of service we can offer will depend upon our agreement with your company, but if we have a full understanding of your services or product line, we can help take care of business for you, either when you are not there to man the phones, or as back up to your inhouse staff.

If you are looking for a solution to unanswered phones, we could be it!

Central Comm at your service

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