Becoming Successful

central comm and success, central communications answering service, central comm virtual receptionist, california, nevadaSuccess means looks different for each of us. For a long time, the picture of success was a fast, expensive car, a big fancy house and designer shoes. I think that’s changing. Most of the people who really coveted those things saw that they aren’t the end all be all in life.

Success can mean finding just the right career and enjoying your work. It can mean working really hard for several years then taking time to travel the world. For others it may mean a more modest lifestyle but living debt free. Whatever it is, success does not come free. There is a “price” and you have to determine what you are willing to pay, to sacrifice, to endure, in order to attain your version of success.


The one thing I personally have learned is this. You have to have a plan. If you just run around without an endgame in mind, your resources will be scattered and it will be like staying stuck in a revolving door. So, makeĀ a plan. Stick to the plan, hold yourself accountable to the plan. BUT if the plan isn’t working, adjust the plan.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you get stuck. Most of the biggest success stories involve a person who found themselves a great mentor.

Soak up everything. I know it’s tempting to only think about yourself and your needs, but stop, breathe and listen. Listen even when someone is talking about a subject you know very little about. One never knows when a tidbit of knowledge you absorbed by quietly listening to another person will turn out to be that last little piece of the puzzle you need in order to make something work.

Don’t be dissuaded by naysayers. If you really have an idea you believe in, and you have a plan, and it’s not illegal or going to harm someone, then find a way to do it. Most of the billionaires that are thriving today thought up industries and technologies no one had ever heard of 10 years ago. People probably thought they were crazy. They probably were crazy, crazy smart that is.

What is YOUR idea of success and how are YOU going to make it happen?


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