Who Is Our Ideal Customer?

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Who IS our ideal customer? That’s a tough question, because we don’t have just one type of ideal customer, we have several.

The obvious answer is Doctors and Attorneys Offices. We have been answering their overflow calls for years and years. Today, however, we also serve as receptionists for many up and comping Law Firms and Physicians.

Central Comm answers phones for Dental Practices, Optometrists Offices, Medical supply companies as well. We also serve as dispatch services for Plumbers, and we take calls for Personal Training firms.

We answer phones for Construction Companies, Commercial Cleaning companies who clean for offices and retail locations. Our award-winning operators are professionally trained in how to answer phones for every situation, plus they are supplied with all the information about how your company works.

Residential Cleaning is another type of business we take calls for, and if they give us access we can even schedule appointments. That means you, as the owner, are able to go out and network, or meet perspective new clients and your phone isn’t going unanswered.

There is nothing quite like walking into a clean room. It brightens up the day, helps you to be more productive and it can even boost your mood. As a cleaning company, you provide this great experience for clients every day. Cleaning someone’s home requires a certain level of trust and understanding and a company principal allowing us to take over their phones also requires trust. We take that very seriously and do our very best to deliver exceptional customer services.

Now, as to who our ideal customer is? I think that’s going to be difficult to pin down. I would venture to say that any company which has a phone number or an e-commerce site and wants to be known for exceptional customer services is our ideal customer.


Central Comm

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