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Does your company need the services of a Virtual Receptionist, versus an operator who answers the phones and takes messages? While both job titles involve answering phones, one does more than the other.  Each one will take a message and pass it on to you. Sometime your answering service will even have access to your work calendar and they may schedule appointments for you. So far, the two services appear very similar, but here is where they diverge.

A Virtual Receptionist will often be charged with more than answering phones, taking messages and directing calls.  Depending upon the terms of your agreement, they can also direct calls up the chain of command, capture sales leads and pass them on, and determine when things are critical. Phone calls can be screened to determine if it’s just a person looking to speak with someone at your company, or if the call is from a current client needing assistance.

An answering service takes calls for your business, delivers messages and is usually contracted to handle extra call volume at peak times, or to keep the phones answered outside of  business hours or when you’re unavailable. It is important that your phone lines are being answered by a well-trained operator, customers are not put into a voice mail tree. Although it’s not generally in the scope of their duties to track sales or update your calendar, depending upon what services your business needs, we can work with you to build them into our agreement.Central Comm, call center, national call center, virtual receptionist, answering service

E-Commerce Orders

Over the years, as our clients’ businesses change and evolve, we have been able to change and adapt to new service offerings. For some of your some of our customers, we have even become back up support for on line ordering from their websites.

At Central Comm we are happy to go through all of our different types of services with you and work with you to find a service that works for your company or municipality.


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