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All too often, companies take their employees for granted. It may have been easy to take them for granted when the job market was tight and peopleCentral COmmunications answering service, orange county, irvine, los angeles, henderson, had no alternative , but the job market is opening up, and people are moving towards companies who will offer better opportunities and will value the people who contribute to their bottom line.

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Businesses are coming around to employing a “customer success” mindset, but can’t ignore the ever-important “employee success” mindset. If you expect your employees to take up their work as a passion, you have to treat them with compassion. Give them credit when due. Get excited for their success. Give them benefits that show you care for their well-being and truly make them a part of the business by giving stock.

Turn your people on and get turned on by the success of your people.”

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At  Central Comm we are a team, and as a team, we recognize each other’s contributions and strengths. We feel it is important to let people know their contribution to our company,and to the companies we serve, is valued.


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