Formula E Racing

This is one invention my staff here at Central Communications has been excited for. Electric cars have been a pressing matter as of late, as our dependence on fossil fuel and it’s affect on the environment continue. There is a myriad of other issues with gasoline and oil usage but with this budding trend, the cleaner air and lack of dependence on oil could change our future.


“If you think the atmosphere at a Formula 1 grand prix is electric, you’re going to love the new motor sport starting next year. Formula E will see drivers racing around city-centre circuits – including London – in battery-powered electric cars. The new championship, which is backed by the FIA, motor racing’s governing body, promises cars as sexy as those driven by Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel et al, but with lithium-ion batteries and electric motors instead of fuel tanks and pistons. And, while their top speed is expected to be 155mph, slower than Formula 1, the event will compensate with exciting street circuits and brightly-lit night events. The pit stops will be different too: with the batteries running out of juice after 20 minutes, drivers won’t just change their tires, they’ll jump into new cars. The season is scheduled to start on September 13 in Beijing, with further races in the streets of Rio de Janeiro, Berlin and Los Angeles amongst others, before the final event in the centre of London on June 27 2015.”

This could inspire car companies to switch from gas or hybrid cars to all-together electric cars or even farther. Prius owners beware, you won’t be the only ones with bragging rights anymore.

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