Central Comm

  At Central Comm, our business takes care of business  calls for other  busineses. Our services range from a traditional,, night time answering service to dispatch services for your service based busineses and e-commerce support for on-line businesses. We service companies all over Calfornia and Nevada and in between. Some of our customers are in […]

The Internet and How It’s Changed Marketing

How has the internet, and more specifically social media, changed the way businesses are marketing their products? Ten years ago, consumers began to tire of the old way of doing business. Being force fed a steady diet of overly zealous commercials imploring consumers to use a product or service were largely being ignored. Company’s like […]

Women Owned Small Businesses

      Women owned businesses are on the rise faster than in the past. I think it’s partially because women feel more emboldened than ever before. It’s also because owning your own business allows for some flexibility that an hourly job doesn’t always give you. It’s also a way to innovate and bring new […]

Getting Your Phones Answered During a Disaster

Hurricanes and floods, wildfires burning entire towns, whole industries which may not be able to deliver products for years. You didn’t need to hear this from us, it’s all over the news these days. 

Great Customer Service

  AT Central Comm we interface with all different manner of businesses. From Law Offices to Service Companies. What we have found is, just like us, most successful businesses offer great customer service. WE all strive to deliver quality products, but what really creates customer loyalty is the quality of the service they receive from […]

Protect Your Computers

  Protecting YOUR computer could also protect ours. We work with all different types of businesses and practices. They run the gamut, from small law offices to large municipalities. If they get a virus on their computer network and aren’t diligent,  guess who they are very likely to share that virus with? Their Customers. All companies, […]

Why Some Industries Come Back

During the latter part of the last Century and the first part of the current century, much of the answering service business was relocated to other countries. At first, it was mainly for economic reasons. But then as that became less so, I think some companies began to understand that there is value in having […]

Decisions, Decisions

AT Central Communications we are in decision making mode every day. As a company, we are tasked with making decisions for our own business and personnel. We are also put in situations where we sometimes need to make decisions concerning situations which involve the companies we work for. For the most part we try to […]

The Successful Business Effect

    I love watching the HGTV show Fixer Upper. As I have watched it over the past few years, I have been struck by the fact that Joanna and Chip often feature other local businesses and artisans in their show. I am certain they could have gotten away without highlighting other vendors, but because […]

Entering the “Virtual World”

  Central Communications offers a Virtual Receptionist Service for companies. It’s more than simply answering phones, it is literally able to take the place of the person who sat at the desk in your front lobby. Depending upon the information you supply us with, and the types of questions you are prepared to have us […]