Getting Your Phones Answered During a Disaster

hurricanes, fires, floods, we at central comm answer phones, batter back up, back up generators for disasters

Hurricanes and floods, wildfires burning entire towns, whole industries which may not be able to deliver products for years. You didn’t need to hear this from us, it’s all over the news these days. 

It may be of little comfort, but I am here to let you know that Central Comm is still up and running and we have our customers’ backs. Even in times of disaster, we are able to answer your calls, deliver your messages and convey to your customers the message that you will be getting back to them soon.

If you don’t currently have an answering service or dispatch center, then it could be just the right time to put one in place. The thing about disasters, and no one really knows for certain when and where they will strike.

Central Communications has redundant systems, we have backup generators and it is our business to be prepared to take care of our customers no matter what the situation. We have systems which can automatically reroute calls should your primary means of communications be unavailable. The more thoroughly we work together with you to plan for all contingencies, the more effective we can be for you when these situations arise.

Before the next big natural disaster hits, give us a call. We can get you started and the next time something happens, we will be here to back you up and keep things going.

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