Your Virtual Office Assistant.

Combining the cost savings of automated call handling while still giving your callers access to a live operator when necessary 24 hours a day.  This is the feature that makes Central Communications Virtual Office services stand out.  Our competitor’s offerings doom your clients into a “voice-mail hell” with no chance of escape.

Our Virtual Assistant system, the centerpiece to your virtual office, is both robust and reliable. It offers infinite ways of configuration to ensure your calls and routed and handled exactly how you want. Most important is that you always have control of when the calls are forwarded to you or other staff members and also where the calls are sent. Using our online access you can redirect calls “on the fly.”

Central Communications offers many levels of services from simple voice-mail and virtual fax numbers to feature rich Find Me/Follow Me services. If one of our suggested plans does not fit your exact needs, we can build a custom solution that does.


Find Me/Follow Me ($29.95 per month + 8 cents per minute)

Always be available for those who are trying to reach you with our Find Me/Follow Me services. You are always in control of whether to answer the call or send it to your private voice-mail box with the screening feature built in to this service. You also decide where and how you’re contacted and can change this at any time.

You also have the option of giving your callers access to a Live Operator 24 hours a day. This makes our Find Me/Follow Me services a perfect fit for individuals, companies and physicians who need cost savings while maintaining the human touch.


  • Single Voice-mail Mailbox
  • One Local Number for all your voice messages
  • Call Screening – system asks caller to identify themselves then announces their identity when forwarding the call to you. You decide to take call or send to voice mail.
  • Find-Me, Follow-Me – system forwards calls to you at up to 3 numbers you specify. If you don’t pick up at any of the three numbers, system notifies caller you’re unavailable and takes message.
  • Return Calls directly from your box by just pressing the # Key
  • Place Outbound calls from your box
  • Caller ID passed through to you
  • Cell phone, Email & Pager Notification
  • E-Mail delivery (sends e-mail with audio file of the message attached)
  • Web based user management
  • Music on Hold (using music provided by us)

Options available:

  • Live Operator Assist – $4.95 per month and 59 cents/call (in or out)
  • Fax Detection / Fax to Email – $5.00 per month
  • Customized Music on Hold – $10.00 per month

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