Your Holiday Answering Service and E-Commerce Support

e-commerce help for the holidays, live operators to handle web calls




Is your website looking good? Is it Mobile ready? Have you been running Facebook Ads? Are you stocking up on the most popular Holiday Items? Do you hate me now? This is kind of like those retailers who start putting out their Halloween items now, and you have barely gotten through the hot summer weather.

It’s said if you fail to plan then you plan to fail, and now is the time to plan. Have all your ducks in a row for those shoppers who are going to shop early, and be staffed up for all those shoppers who are frazzled and wait until the very last minute to get their shopping done. Call us now, get your 800 number for the website up and running. We can load up all your frequently asked questions and have a live operator trained and ready to go before your busy season begins.

In these days of online reviews and all the social media outlets, you want your customers to be happy with your service. Just one really angry customer with a bad review can cause big problems. Social Media is like word of mouth on steroids, so be prepared and have professionally trained operators ready to help your customers with their orders.

It’s also important that customers fully understand your return policy as well. Sometimes everything can go well when customers are placing an order, and then things will fall apart later because the product didn’t meet the customers expectation.


Here is to a great upcoming holiday season


Central Comm