Young Entrepeneurs

I have children. They are grown now, but once upon a time they were young. I had all Entrepeneurs, new businesses, physicians, attorneys, sorts of dreams and aspirations for their futures, and while they are all doing well, none of them are doing what I dreamed they would do.

There are other families who have children who do things that no one could ever imagine or dreamed the things they have done. It’s because the things they have created never existed before they built them.

I read a post about a young man who’s Grandfather has Alzheimer’s and will sometimes wander out of the house on his own. This young man invented a device to track his Grandfather and keep him safe.

Another young lady has invented something which everyone needs, but no one else invented:

An innovative young entrepreneur
Mira Modi is an 11-year-old New Yorker who launched a business selling a valuable that we often take for granted: passwords. The sixth grader’s company is called, and with a few rolls of a dice, and was inspired by a strategy for password strength invented by Arnold Reinhold.¬† Modi creates memorable, unique and secure passwords to help her customers keep hackers at arm’s length. The passwords contain six words each and cost $3¬†dollars a pop.
Read more: How an 11-Year-Old Entrepreneur Is Helping People Create Safer Passwords¬†“

Irvine is a city full of Entreprenuers and developers. We have new companies springing up every day. Some are founded by young people, but many are founded by Baby Boomers who want to run their own firms. And then there are those which get created by young people who aren’t afraid to find solutions to age old problems.

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