You Need Someone To Answer Your Phone !

anwering services for Attorneys, Doctors, property managers

You started your business on a shoestring. For the first few years you played all the major roles. You were the company’s top salesperson, lead technician, the supervisor and secretary too. Wearing all the hats, doing the best you could and committing fully to your vision. As the company began to make money you were able to hire some staff to allow you to spend more time growing your business than running it.

As great one person’s skills are…they are still just one person. You may be at the point where wearing too many hats is beginning to affect the quality of your business. You must know there are times it is better for you to not answer your phone.
When you’re in a meeting or in the middle of a task that requires your full attention, that’s the time to let someone else handle what could turn out to be an important call. If you sound harried or bothered you could cost yourself a new client.

Perhaps a full time secretary, assistant or receptionist isn’t in the budget yet. No worries, because Central Communications is here for you. Your calls will be answered promptly and professionally. You will return the call when you have the attention and time to give your new client. We have several different methods of delivering your messages and sometimes, if it’s a question that we know the proper answer to, we can simply take care of it for you.

Depending upon your business model, we can do more than answer phone calls. At Central Communications we have experience and your best interest at heart. Our staff is trained to handle many kinds of business calls, Dispatch services, Ecommerce orders and more .

It’s a fact that most of our customers end up asking themselves why they didn’t hire us sooner!!