You Get What You Pay For

Central Comm, call center, national call center, virtual receptionist, answering serviceCentral Comm is a business, and as a business we charge what we consider a fair price for a great product. There is always someone out there who is trying to do what we do for less money. Most of the time they don’t do a very good job.

That happens across all types and sizes of industries. We get stories from our regular customers, they tell us, I bid on a new job, some other company came in and underbid me by a wide margin, I KNOW they can’t do the same quality of work for that price, but what can I do?

If you have been in business as long as we have, we know what you can do. You can wait. Because that customer who signed up for the bargain priced service is probably going to come back, and when he does, you will most likely have a big mess to clean up as well.

One of our cleaning services had this situation a few months ago. An attorney’s office signed up with a much less expensive cleaning service. Our customer has been in business for 20 years, she has a great reputation, and she pays her people a fair wage. This other company was none of those things. They didn’t show up at the job site according to the agreed upon schedule, and because the attorney’s book keeper had paid in advance for the service, they were working in offices that were not being cleaned, and they had used the budgeted money, they were stuck.

So remember what your Mom told you, You get what you pay for! Sometimes it’s good to get a bargain, and sometimes, its good to get great service and not have to worry. At a fair price..


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