You Don’t Think You Need A Virtual Receptionist?

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Your Website is all set. The designer assured you that in no time your phone is going to be ringing off the hook. You have Google Ads running, Facebook Ads in place, your LinkedIn is up to date and your staff is ON IT with Pinterest and Instagram. Boom!! You are ready.

What happens in the world of the net is this. For a while, nothing happens, then someone discovers your site and your great products, and they share it. You get a few hits, but no one really stays on the site. Your ads start to work and you show up on google for your keywords..things are beginning to roll.  Then an influencer shares your URL, and suddenly you are getting hits like crazy. You get your BOOM!! Big time.

Guess what? You’re going to be overwhelmed. Plain and simple. There is no way to staff up internally for this situation. So here’s a suggestion. When things begin to ramp up a bit, when your site stats are showing an increase in activity and that people are staying on your site for a while, give us a call (800) 876-7707 .

We can start you on an affordable plan, and as your traffic increases we can add more services, we can input some commonly asked questions and answers and keep people happy when they call for product information. AT Central Comm, we can even take orders for you. Virtual receptionist, and E-commerce answering service, that’s us.

Central Comm

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