Working ON Your Business Instead of Working IN Your Business

You have probably heard that old addage about finding ways to work ON your business instead of simply working IN your business. What does that even mean?

Simply put, it means this. For a business to be successful you need the people who get the every day tasks done, and then you also need someone who is looking out for the big picture. .The direction of the company, overall customer relations, sales number and how to keep up the momentum and still maintain quality. On versus In.

One of the many situations we face is the inability to step back from thsoe every day tasks once the company is up and running. And one of the most instrusive of those tasks is answering a ringing phone.

Are you tied to your phone because you’re afraid of missing a call? Is your business preventing you from enjoying life because you feel like you have to be there all the time or that nobody else can get things done like you can?

Missing phone call, in your mind, will  mean you’re probably missing an opportunity to build your business. The truth of the matter is that you don’t have to miss out on life while you’re trying to grow. The truth of the matter is, taking all of those phone calls means your are not getting other things done.

One of the main benefits of enlisting the support of a 24 Hour Live Answering Service is that you won’t miss any calls and you can continue to chart the path of your company and provide the leadership necessary to grow and prosper.

So, whether you are in a meeting, on vacation or enjoying some family time, it really doesn’t matter why you are unavailable. Partnering with a professional and reliable answering service will help you create a work/life balance while increasing your competitive advantage, here’s how…

The After Hours Effect

Think about it. How many of your competitors are open 24/7/365? Probably not many. But how can you be available every minute of the day to answer questions, take leads and provide excellent customer service.  What you need is to partner with a professional answering service, so you have now virtually extended your operating hours around the clock.

Central Comm can do that for you and your company. We can take the initial call, and then depending upon mutually agreed upon procedures, either send the call directly to you or the appropriate staff member, or handle it for you. Our system will automatically log all of the calls and you should never miss a call. Should you be in a meeting, or working on a project, or following up on a sales call, we have you covered.

Give us a call on our 800 number and let’s have a chat about how we can help you.


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