Why Would I hire an Answering Service?

When out and about, people will ask, “what kind of work do you do?” When I tell them that I am with Central Comm, an answering service, I sometimes get comments like this: “I would rather get someone’s voice mail than have a live person answer the phone just to tell me that no one is available”.
We don’t blame you, that is bound to cause frustration. Unless specifically directed to do so, that is NOT how we answer phones for the companies we do business with. Let me tell you our philosophy. At Central Comm, we want to be the answering service/virtual receptionists that no one knows you have! Our mission at Central Comm is to be so good at what we do for you that virtually no one knows the person who answers your phone is not your direct employee.

Central Comm has the ability to set up complex or simple instructions on just how you wish phone calls to be handled. Which types of calls go to which departments. When to notify you, and how you wish to be notified.

We aim to give the best possible level of service to you and to your customers..

Central Communications Answering Service