Why Use Central Comm To Answer Your Phones?

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Why use Central Comm to answer your phones? Let’s say you run a very effective markeing campaign, your new sales people are on fire and the phones are ringing. These incoming calls are the lifeblood of your business. What’s the point in spending money on marketing or any other aspect of your business if you’re unable to follow up? If you are tied up on the phone dealing with calls asking for directions to your business or your hours of operations then you may have just missed that one crucial call that would have changed the course of your business.

Having the ability to answer that call which results in a sale could be a good reason to use an answering service.  What are some of the others? Well, there are countless reasons why you should use an answering service, but cost over the long term is one of the main reasons we recommend this course of action.

Telephone answering services  often represent a  savings in comparison to handling your calls in-house. Another reason is you will avoid having to pay a salary, you also save on the costs associated with having someone in the office. As well as this, many small business teams work remotely, and telephone answering services are a great way to organize and manage a remote team.

Of course there is also another reason to use our company as either an answering services, dispatch service, virtual receptionist or e-commerce service.

Perhaps we simply do it better than someone you hire off the street. Our operators are  well trained and we don’t just monitor them, we give them feedback. At Central Comm, we want people to be their best and people can’t be their best if they don’t know what’s expected of them and how to do things the right way.

Unless you provide that type of training for the people who answer your phones, which I can bet you don’t, then you should hire us.


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