Why Hire a Virtual Receptionist?


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Smiling receptionist answering calls for your company


There are some people who inherently get why a company would have virtual staff members, and then there are those who say, why would I ever do that? Why would I outsource my company’s receptionist and perhaps even hire virtual assistants? Wouldn’t it make more sense to have my own staff here on site?

Our answer is perhaps it is better to have a full time or even part time person onsite,  answering your phones, but what happens when that part time person isn’t scheduled to come in and the phones are ringing? Receptionists also historically have a high turnover rate. The job usually doesn’t pay all that well, it’s not an upward career path with room for advancement, so every few years, or even every few months you are dealing with hiring and training a new receptionist.

The reason why our services may suit you better is this. We spend the time to professionally train our operators in how to handle phone calls, you give us the information they need in order to do a spectacular job, and you only pay for the time you actually use their services.

Perhaps the company is growing so fast that you do actually need a person at the front desk to greet people and show them where to go, but you still need back up for those busy times of the day. Our virtual receptionists are perfect for just such a situation.

Of course, there is always the fact that we pay the salary and benefits for your virtual receptionist. That’s just one added bonus.