Why Hire A Social Media Manager

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It’s everywhere. You can’t escape it. Social Media is pervasive. What was once the virtual playground for college kids is now mainstream. Your business colleagues, even your teenager, have told you that you need to take your business onto social media but you already don’t have enough hours in the day. You are being told that your company should have a presence on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, but you can barely type a Word document, what do you do?

Do you want to know what your customers are saying about you? Do you want to be able to effectively converse back with them? Wouldn’t you love to hear, first hand, about their experiences? Wouldn’t it be great to know how they felt about your cashiers and staff so you could improve performance and update your policies? It’s not a bad idea to outsource those tasks, at least in the beginning.

We have people in house who work with a company to help us with our own Central Comm social media.   And please, don’t do what so many other business owners do. They hand over the Social Media duties to some youngster at their company who volunteers because they are on all of those social media channels already. That’s a dangerous thing to do.

It’s best to do some research, follow a few competitors Facebook and Instagram pages. See what they are posting and what gets them the most hits. Then, try to find out who is running their campaigns.

I know you are probably thinking you don’t have the money to hire a social media manager but you have noticed your son has a Facebook account, that doesn’t mean he could (or should) create your own businesses fan page.

Hire a professional. Your goal should be to have a better social presence than all your competitors. You will want to have an up to date, clean, and easy to read website and make certain it looks good on a smart phone. Depending upon the type of business you are in, you will want to pick certain social media platforms to appear on.

Hiring someone who has extensive knowledge on the platforms best suited for your business will benefit you enormously. Social media is constantly evolving and changing. It is important you have a professional handling your website and social media outlets. What worked last month won’t necessarily get you to rank this month.

By all means, be creative, artistic and fun. Conventional advertising, where one simply pushes out “Buy My Product Messages” will lose followers, not encourage them. Yes, it is important to have a call to action in your social media, but not every post has to be a call to action.

As a company which people outsource their receptionists to, their dispatch services to, even their e-commerce services to, we understand it’s not always easy to trust an outside company. But at Central Comm , we make it a point to deliver the very highest level of customer service to our customers, and we work with other outside services who do the same.

Interview, research ask for references and make certain whomever you hire to manage your social media has a formula where they provide useful information about other products or methods of doing business. Where they inform your followers of the latest advances in your industry, and where your business can be helpful to help their business succeed. Don’t forget to share your special contributions to your community, and any new initiatives your company is making in reducing their carbon footprint.

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