Why Doctor’s Love Central Comm

anwering services for Attorneys, Doctors, property managersDoctors in all different medical professions use our answering service.Why? From the feedback we get it is because of several reasons.

  1. First, our service is available 24/7. If a physician is in the office but having a busy day, we can handle to overflow calls and make certain no call is missed. When a physician has left the office for the day, we can handle those calls as well. In accordance with your instructions, we can ask basic questions, and if it is an emergency, we can deliver the message to you right away.
  2. One answering service to take care of your phone calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  3. Central Comm has back up generators on site in case of a power emergency, and we also have another location near Las Vegas, Nevada, should anything happen to our Riverside offices.
  4. Our operators are well trained, and they deliver great service. We give their patients the human touch that one cannot get from an message tree.

Still not certain if an answering service is right for your practice? Give us a call, at no obligation to you, we will tell you in more detail how we think we can help you. And listen to what your concerns are in order to find the perfect solution.

Central Comm