Why Attorneys Hire Central Comm



need help running your law firm?Potential clients are most often referred to an attorney’s office by someone who has already used your services. If you are out of the office, or with another client, you may miss their call, and odds are they will move on to the next attorney they find on line. When that same client calls your office, if you have hired us, they will speak with a well-trained, helpful person. The chances are much better that potential client will become an actual client of your firm.

Central Comm’s virtual receptionists and operators  are all based either in Southern California or Henderson Nevada, but we answer phones for Attorneys all over the Western United States. Potential clients who need legal advice or who are looking to hire an attorney generally don’t want to leave a voice mail message, they want, and sometimes NEED to speak with a person.

Whether you need a full time virtual receptionist, or you simply need a person who can handle off hours and over flow calls for your office, Central Comm’s well trained and knowledgeable receptionists know how to talk to potential clients. Once we have worked together to build a series of questions for our operators to ask potential clients, then not only have you not lost a client, when you are able to return the call, you will know why the client has contacted your firm and you can be prepared for the call.

Before you leave your office phone unattended while you are at a meeting, in court, taking a deposition, or just heading out to grab a bite, give us a call(800) 876-7707  . Let’s see what we can do for you and your practice.

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