Who Uses Answering Services?

Answering Service? Who still uses those? Call Centers? Dispatch services? Virtual Assistants? Who uses those and what for?

Central Communications started out as simply an answering service almost 50 years ago. In those days we mainly provided a night and on call service for attorneys and physicians. Over the years, people came to us and requested other types of services. They asked us if we can help with order taking during their busy season, and we said, sure. That service is called Order Taking.

Then when we began to answer phone lines for more and more tradespeople, like plumbers and electricians, they asked if we could run dispatch services. And once again we said, okay. That service is called Dispatch, where we dispatch tradespeople for a company with a fleet of service personnel.

During the general economic downturn, our business actually grew, because more companies were downsizing their staff, but they still needed a way to handle phone calls professionally. We worked up a program for that. It’s called the Virtual Assistant. WE answer your phones, using your personalized greeting, and our operators have a list of your phone extensions. No one every knows we aren’t sitting out in your lobby.

So who uses us, let’s start with this list:

  1. Attorney’s
  2. Doctors and Medical Clinics
  3. Plumbers
  4. Disaster Relief Companies
  5. Seminars

If you are an Attorney at Law, an M.D, a Plumbing Contractor, a Flood Restoration Company, we can help you.

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