Who is Answering Your Phones?

At Central Comm we have Operators. They perform different types of duties like Order Fulfillment. We also issue calls to remind people to take their medication, to check on their well being.For law offices we sometimes serve as simply an after hours Answering Service. For some Law Offices we answer all of their calls, use a set of instructions and parameters they supply us with, and direct incoming calls to the proper department.

For local service companies, like plumbers and building contractors, we serve as a dispatch operation. When service calls come in to an 800 number that we set up for them, we take the calls and dispatch the repair service p Personnel and Virtual Receptionists. They come in the male or female variety and they are all different colors, shapes and sizes. Some are short, some are tall, how big they are makes no difference at all. What makes the difference is their attitudes.

We are a family here, a team. We interview our prospective hires carefully, we train them extensively, we help them when they need it and let them alone when they don’t.

Our people are intelligent, caring and committed. From our offices in Riverside, Ca, we handle customers from all over the United States. Our people are YOUR people. They are often the first voice anyone hears when they call your 800 number. We at Central Comm want that voice to be one that makes your customer comfortable.

For years Law Firms, Doctors Groups, Hospitals and Dispatch Companies have understood the value of a professional answering Service. Now we have more and more new customers who use us as their front office, and just as many who use us as their back office.

No matter what part of the office you hire us to be, your customer need never know that Central Comm. is not YOUR office.


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Nationwide Answering Service