What Is The Price You Pay for Bad Phone Interaction?


What  is the price you pay when your phones go unanswered, or you are in a hurry to get the caller off the line because you are in a meeting? How valued does the caller feel? What’s the impact of losing a customer one call at a time when they aren’t getting what they need when they call?

AT Central Comm we are not rushed or distracted, it’s our job to focus our full attention on each person who calls your number. We save customers you might otherwise lose to distracted interactions. In some cases, the quality of the person who is answering the phone can actually  win you new business.

Websites can help other businesses find you, but it’s still important to show your phone number prominently on your site. Why? Because people want to talk to people. They don’t want to email, or message you, at least not at first. They want the straight scoop from your mouth to their ears.

We take the time to build call-handling instructions using your parameters and customized to your needs. Which means you and your people can step away from the phone when you have other, more pressing work to complete. All those great phone interactions are meaningless without good follow through.


Central Communications offers complimentary access to our Web Portal. View your messages in real-time, access message history and make changes to your account and staff lists. Do all this from your PC, tablet or smart phone. Furthermore, you will be able to see exactly how much time was spent on client calls. We track all that information as well as keeping detailed call records.