What Exactly is an Answering Service?

Nationwide Live Answering Service and Call CenterTelephone services mean increased sales and effective communications. Unfortunately, some companies can’t run 24/7, but that’s where an answering service comes in. Think of them as a sales representative that never sleeps.

Years ago, the main function  of an answering service  was simply to take calls when regular operators were off duty, and there was an overload of inbound calls. Today we are not just performing the function of  to taking  calls when your business can’t.

In what you might think of as the standard answering service function, let me give you an example of where our service is used.  Let’s say you are a plumbing contractor and you know what the most frequent types of calls you will get. We can work with you to create a list of those frequently asked questions and what should be conveyed to you customer. So if one of your customers gets a leak in their pipes. If have given Central Comm or South Coast Answering a list of questions or suggestion, our operator can use your suggestions to help you customer while a service call is sent through to the on call plumber. They can direct the caller to first shut off the main water supply. Check to see where the source of the leak is.Then when the on-call plumber gets a service call from Central Comm, he knows what to ask about when he returns the call to the plumbing contractors client.

We also do order taking for several companies. In those instances all inbound calls would come to Central Comm via and 800 number that we will supply to you. We can then log directly onto your e-commerce web site and help clients place their order. Most companies have cycles where people tend to place more orders, and times when orders are slow. Instead of having to constantly shuffle in-house staffing, they have Central Communications handle all of those order calls. We have programs that will handle those calls efficiently even at peak sales times. If the operators who are assigned to your account are busy taking orders the calls will go to our next available agent.

Nationwide Answering Service