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Wedding photography season is in high gear as spring and summer wedding mania sets in and brides are stressing about every single detail but are you there for them?

As an artist and a business owner, you know well the importance of keeping track of messages and connecting with potential clients. It can make the difference between a booked and an empty schedule. But how can answer the phone and work with frantic brides, stressed out grooms and controlling mothers?

Sometimes you only have one chance to take that perfect picture. The same philosophy applies to how your clients and potential clients are greeted when they call your business. When you can’t answer a call, are your phones being answered promptly and professionally by a friendly person, or are you having them go to voice mail? Voice mail may be convenient for you, but did you know that most people do not leave messages anymore? They want to talk to someone right now and many assume they will not get a call back quickly enough and will choose to look elsewhere. You will lose new clients who could have generated repeat business and referrals. You cannot have a “do over” on making a first impression.

If you hire an answering service, you can have your calls answered promptly, using your personalized greeting and the operator can gather all the info you need. We can even schedule an appointment, answer general questions, and check to see if you are available on certain dates.

There are more photographers entering the business, and it’s likely you probably have more competition, so it is important you stand out and don’t let calls go unanswered.  By simply adding an answering service this will give you a better image, make your business appear larger, more professional, provide a cost-effective solution to your phone answering needs and give you more time back in each week. It’s an easy decision to make if you want your business to grow.

There’s another aspect to engaging an answering service that doesn’t get mentioned that often. It’s peace of mind. Yes, it can save you money to have a virtual receptionist, or answering service, but do you think about what else it does for you and your business? When you are a small company, everyone wears many hats. That’s fine for a while, but over time it will start to wear you out. Delegating and bringing in help to get things accomplished is the only way to still deliver a quality product and stay sane.

We have a free sign up trial period you can sign up for. If you still aren’t certain an answering service is for you. Why not give us a try? Perhaps after a few days, you will notice that you are stressing less and producing more quality work.

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