We Will Take That Call!!

Central comm.com

“Thank you for helping me” That is what a caller said to one of our operators yesterday. She had a problem with a service provided by one of our customers. Because we had worked with that customer to build a list of frequently asked questions and their responses, we were able to help her instead of just taking a message.

It was a relatively simple question, one that gets asked frequently, so we were well prepared to answer her. Some answering services are simply message takers. And if that is what our customers want, that is what we provide. But most of the companies we work with know their customer base, and they anticipate some of the questions up front, supply Central Comm with the questions and answers, and we help them keep their customers happy.

Sometimes, even when their staff is in the office and should be able to answer phones, they will forward the lines to us. Why? Maybe they are a Mortgage or Real Estate Firm dealing with end of month. Escrow closings can be a stressful time, and everyone has moving vans lined up, circling the block. It is a good idea to let your phone calls go to our service when you are dealing with a stressful situation. We can be the cheerful, helpful voice on the line that answers your calls and makes your customers feel important. Then we can email, text or call you with your messages, you can take a deep breath, find the answers to their concerns and return the customer’s call.

Our operators will have been trained on your company’s mission, and we will have answers to frequently asked questions that come up on the screen when our operators answer your number. The caller will get someone with a cheerful voice, and a willing attitude. How do we do that?

The bottom line is Central Communications trains our operators to handle your calls with excellence. Our people are trained to handle difficult situations and keep calm. I want to congratulate our people at South Coast Answering for their willingness to go above and beyond for our customers!!Answering Service USA