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virtual receptionis Central Comm, answering service Central CommWhen companies want to add a virtual receptionist, they often think of it as an extra cost. But in reality, adding virtual reception to your team saves you money, especially when compared with a full-time, in-house receptionist.

Remote receptionist services can supplement a traditional office team. Or, you can build a complete virtual office so you can work from anywhere. Either way, a virtual receptionist can be a very cost-effective way to provide the great service your customers expect.

Businesses can use virtual services to help with everyday tasks, helping the business save time and money. An excellent way to outsource business is through hiring an answering service. This provides the business with a 24/7 receptionist that can answer the company’s calls from a remote location. The receptionists can also transfer phone calls to another location simply through the use of a few keys or buttons.

The costs including the salary and benefits of hiring an on-site full-time receptionist often put pressure on a small business’ ability to stay profitable. Covering for the receptionist when he or she is out adds an extra burden to all of the other workers with the company. For these reasons, the answering services cost less, are available 24/7, and avoid adding extra duties to the office staff.

There’s another way a virtual receptionist saves you money. This might be the most important of all, but it’s often overlooked.

How much is your time worth?

If you’re spending time hiring and training a receptionist, you aren’t working on your business. If you’re answering your own calls, you aren’t working on your business, and putting in place the strategies that will help you grow.

As a business owner or manager, your time is incredibly valuable. There are things only you can do for your company. Answering the phone isn’t one of them.


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