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WMB900365656hat is the difference between our Virtual Receptionist services and our regular answering services? In some cases not much, in others, plenty.

Some of our regular customers simply want us to answer phone lines promptly, after no more than three rings. Once we answer the phone we simply take a message. We forward that message via a phone call, text or email to the right person. That is the answering service.

There are other customers who need us to do more than simply answer calls. They literally need us to function like the person who sits at the front door of their company, greets their customers, and answer basic questions. Together we collaborate on building a list of common customer concerns and the personnel that should take each type of call.

Why would a company hire a virtual receptionist, or even a regular answering service? For several reasons. First, that state of the art invention of the late 1980’s, Voice mail is something that everyone though such a great idea at the time, but now how exasperated do you get when you dial a servicers number and you get voicemail. It sure makes me grumpy. In fact there are statistics showing 72% of you customers who call your number and get voicemail will hang up. They won’t leave a message and they won’t be happy.

For the other side of the coin, if you are the owner of growing company, chances are you don’t have the funds to hire a large staff. You value your customers, but you will never get any work done if you answer every single call yourself. A virtual receptionist can take the burden of a ringing phone off your hands, allowing you to get some work done. At the same time if you have given us the complete list of frequently asked questions, we won’t increase your customer’s frustration at not being able to speak with you immediately. We are professional, courteous and helpful. By the time you call your customer back, they will still be happy to talk to you.

Give us a call and we can supply you with options for the type of service that might be best for your business!!


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