Tip for Handling High Employee Turnover

In high employee turnover industries such as  retail, fast food, health care, entertainment , telemarketing, hotels and restaurants,  there are special challenges associated with maintaining proper staffing levels.

If you are an owner or manager of one of these types of businesses you know high employee turnover is a fact of life.  You know how much time it can consume to keep your staffing levels up.  You may have a reception area full of applicants all the time.

Operating a 24 Hour Live Call Center is no different.  Central Communications Answering Service runs employment ads almost constantly. Not because we have a higher turnover rate than the next guy. Our turnover rate is actually much lower than the average for our industry.  We run ads because we strive to employ the cream of the crop so when a real gem becomes available we want the opportunity to have them be a part of our family.

 For this reason, we get how much time can be consumed interviewing and testing applicants to find and hire the best and the brightest.  We actually take advantage of one of our own offerings to cut way down on the time it takes to sift through the responses we get.

We employ a service we offer called Virtual Interview / Virtual Survey.  This unique service provides you a dedicated “job line” number so your main business line is not impacted.  When someone calls your dedicated job line they hear a series of up to ten interview questions that you have recorded in advance.  Their answers are recorded by our system and automatically forwarded to you in an email.  You hear only the answers so you can quickly evaluate whether applicants have that certain something you are looking for.  You may them invite the best and brightest for the next round of evaluation.

Take it from us; the time you will save is so worth the modest monthly investment for this service.  If you can imagine how the Virtual Interview service might help solve your staffing challenge, we invite you to contact us today for more information and demo.  Call Central Communications Answering Service and speak to one of our trained professionals at (800) 786 9079.

At Central Communications, when business calls, experience answers.

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