Time for a Vacation?

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You run a small, but thriving business. All summer long you worked and built up your customer base. Things are starting to go along in just the way you had always planned and hoped for. And now, it’s time to take a break!!

If you don’t have children, or at least children in school, then this is the perfect time of year to take a vacation. By the second week of September everyone is on their fall schedule. Car pool has kicked in, homework schedules are mounted on the family bulletin board and the beaches and resorts are empty, just begging for you to come and stay.

Rates are lower in the beach towns, air fares to the hot spots are on sale, and best of all, the weather is still warm in most parts of our country. Quick, pack your bags, put in your bathing suit and sunglasses, and then call us!

That’s right. While you are out of town you should have the right to relax, not sit on a beach and field phone calls, and constantly check emails. Central Comm Answering service will take calls, and if you instruct us to, set up appointments for you so that when you get back everything is lined up and ready to go. Our virtual receptionists will make sure that your phones are answered in a friendly and professional manner. And YOU will be refreshed, re-inspired and ready to go when you return.

So get out of town, relax, refresh, and let us answer your phones for a week or two. Central Comm has it handled!

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