Things You Can Do To Be More Effective In Your Business

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This is the year. The year where you are going to get things running smoothly and efficiently. You are going to find ways to be more effective in your business. As they say, you are determined to work more  on your business than IN your business.

One of the first things you can do is to hire a Virtual Receptionist. Once you have everyone’s desingated positions in plae, then you can take that information, call us, and we can work with you to structure how you want our Virtual Recceptionist service to work for you. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at how much more effective you and your other employees can be when people aren’t scrambling to answer phone calls. You will also be pleased at how grateful your customers are to be able to speak to a real person versus a complicated series of voice mail options!

I liked what this article points out about how some of us can stunt the growth of our company by trying to hard to keep control of every aspect of the business. Let’s face it, when we start a company we are often forced to handle all types of tasks, whether we are truly suited to them or not. But once we are up and running then it’s time to hand over some of these tasks to people who are more suited to them.

From Forbes Magazine by Gerri Stengel:

“Moving your business ahead may require that you step back … way back.

In those first frantic days of making your great idea into a functioning business, you wear many hats, usually because you can’t afford to hire anyone else to take out the trash out, keep the books and talk to the web designer. But the truth is, your job should be running the business. When you realize that and start delegating, your business will grow.

Margery Kraus, CEO of Margery Kraus, founder and chief executive officer of APCO Worldwide, a global consulting firm headquartered in Washington, D.C. cites the “roots and wings” adage about parenting: You teach basic values and let them go at some point. It is important, she says, to realize that people will do things differently than you might have but that doesn’t make their way wrong.

In fact, a new viewpoint could expand your company’s reach and allow it to grow in ways you never would have considered.

Hester Taylor Clark, founder of The Hester Group, a multi-million dollar project management company, also likens managing a company to parenting, to knowing when your child or your business has grown enough to be given freedom.

 “Just as you can over-parent,” she says, “ you can do the same thing to your company. I had to come to the place where I know that the staff I have is capable and then let them go, because they are ready and can handle it … if you hold on too tightly, it doesn’t grow.” She used to do all the hiring. Now, she she doesn’t because she’s hired someone who is more capable at hiring than she is.

It’s about humility and leadership, according to Nina Vaca who, in a mere 15 years, took her company, Pinnacle, which supplies contingent IT labor to Fortune 500 companies, from nothing to more than $200 million a year: humility to know that you don’t know everything and leadership to build a team that does know what it needs to know.”

Framing out your social media campaigns to the pros, hiring a great website designer and support company, delegating the phones to a great virtual receptionist and allowing the people you have hired to do their jobs, all these things will give you the freedon to step back and implement plans for where you see your company heading in the future. We would like to be a part of that journey with you.

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