Things To Think About When You Have A Business

Cnetral COmm can help your business grow, Central Comm Virtual receptionistYou can read all manner of articles which offer advice on how to prepare for a tough time as you start and begin to grow your business. They tell you to have money saved, not to expect any real financial gains for a year or two. Don’t spend on overhead before you must. Have a business plan, but don’t be afraid to tweak that plan if things aren’t going in the direction you anticipated.These are all good pieces of advice. 

I came across  a post on Business News Daily that pointed out some things that most of the others did not. Instead of simply writing about what you need to keep a business moving forward when times are tough, there was also a portion of the article which addressed what you should do if your business takes off:

“Preparation for success

On the other hand, businesses also should prepare for unexpected success. Your business plan should account for normal scenarios as well as highly successful, best-case scenarios, said Elle Kaplan, CEO of LexION Capital Management.

“When I started my business, I was in no way prepared for the success and level of growth we obtained,” Kaplan said. “I should have planned bigger and prepared for faster growth versus being surprised and having to rework my plan.”

At Central Comm we have been fortunate to be a part of the rapid rise of many startups, and the reboot of some companies which had been around for a long time, but changed direction and were blessed with new success. We have served as their dispatch, we have helped them with conference reservations, and acted as virtual receptionists while they ramped up.

It is no less stressful to have more success than you anticipate than it is to be less successful, because if you can’t keep up with all the new business pouring in, that success will be short lived. At Central Comm we are always advertising for operators because we know that trying to hire just the right person when we are so busy that it’s hard to keep up, is not a good place to be. It can be better to to have an extra ace in the hole than to be in a position where you have to turn business away.


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