The Olympics Are On!

excitement of the 2016 Olympics, Olympics fan, brazil olympicsSwimming, gymnastics, waterpolo and track…just a few of my favorite things to watch. Lead up to these Olympics games were full of gloom and doom. Between the Zika virus and conditions in Brazil, I was not certain what to make of these Olympics…until it started. I don’t know what happens, but for me it’s magic. Everything else disappears and I am entranced.

Watching the first American Women’s  Beach Volley Ball team was thrilling. They were so good, and then the Men’s Beach Volley Ball team..The young ladies on the American Gymnastics team, and the men’s gymnastic team working with such concentration and yet such grace. That young British swimmer, James Guy,  who won a gold, and all of the other medalist from various countries excitement as they won their medals.

You think about how hard these people trained to get where they are. How hard other people trained and just missed a chance to participate by a few hundreds of a point, or a second. It is mind boggling to say the least.

I know that at Central Comm, our people work hard, and they give us their all during the time they are here at work, but even then it doesn’t compare to what the athletes who attend the olympics go through.

No matter which sport is your favorite, or even if none of them tickle your fancy, just think about the drive and dedication it took for those people to be at the Olympics, and be inspired.

Whatever you have to do today may only be half as hard as what some of these athletes will go through in the next two weeks.


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