The Olympic Games Show What Confidence and Training Can Do

Did you watch the Olympics over the past few weeks? If you did, like me, the one thing you will come away with, or at least I came away with, is this. You can train hard, for a long time, but if your confidence is shaken, you probably won’t win.


Success Begins In The Mind

I watched skater after skater, medal winners in other competitions, fall on the ice during the Olympics. They looked stunned. As if to say, I know I can do this, what is my problem? I think the problem is all the hype and pressure. The Olympics is a very big deal. You can’t be afraid, and you must have complete confidence in your ability.

It’s when that confidence is shaken that we falter.

Shaun White had a terrible accident just before the Olympics. Most of us mere mortals would not be able to push through something like that. He not only pushed through, he soared. I think you can only do something like that when you have total belief in your ability to perform. Confidence. Knowing down deep in your soul that you can do whatever you need to win.

Then there was Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn. She didn’t take home the Gold, but in the end, she knew she was a great skier and even though she didn’t win, she had the confidence to hold her head high and say to the world, “I gave it my best shot”.

In our company, we do our best to make certain our people have the best training we can offer them. At Central Comm we try to keep our environment positive and we all support each other. It is our belief that we help instill confidence in our people, so they can in turn give YOUR customers a sense that YOUR company deserves their business.advice for startups, who should start a new business?, virtual receptionists california, virtual receptionist nevada, virtual receptionist colorado, virtual receptionist arizona

So, before you think about what you might say to a co-worker who is having a rough go, perhaps its good idea to find something good to say. Something which may help them feel more empowered, more confident, and see if that makes a difference.

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