The Ever Evolving Answering Service Business

It is part of our mission as a dedicated call center, answering service and virtual assistant to keep up with the advances in technology, both hardware and software.

Operator taking an order

Each year, in fact sometimes several times a year, we learn about new tools to help us help you. There are advances in call routing, changes in how we rank our operators. They can be proficient in one or more categories, and many are. For example,  according to how many languages they know, what call volume they each can handle effectively.

“The cloud”  is becoming a  big part of our business these days. As more and more of our customers move their applications to the cloud, we must be able to interface with those customers on their terms.It’s not just answering service, or call service technology we must keep up with, we must also learn about technology currently being implemented by our customer base.

In an article posted by GMO cloud, they explain what the cloud means to answering services:

Cloud-based software that is shared between contact centers and client partners enables answering services to relay messages over multiple platforms and keep information updated in real time. Because of the cloud, contact centers are no longer tied to one fixed location such as an office building. It gives them the green advantage of using lower amounts of electricity and emitting smaller amounts of carbon while at the same time making them less vulnerable to natural disasters or technical failures that could bring their services to a standstill just when they are needed most.

Central Communications handles calls from all over California, and all over the United states. Our more local arm of the business, South Coast Answering Service caters to the local South Orange County, CA, area, but they also handle calls from elsewhere in the United States.


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