The Doctor Is Out, May I Help You?

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It’s late in the evening, your patient is calling because they feel ill, and you went home at 6:00 pm, tired and beat. What happens now? Will the phone simply ring and ring with no answer? Will a pre-recorded message come on and ask them to leave a voice mail? Or will a person answer your phone lines, providing a re-assuring voice, and ask some questions so they can help.

Central Comm is a HIPPA Compliant answering service. We know what to ask and what not to. ¬†We can ask just the right questions to help your worried caller out, and then if it’s a situation you will need to handle yourself, our operators can notify and you.

First, when answering the phones for a Medical Practice, we ask if this is an emergency. If it is we ask them to call 911 and we take basic information to pass on to you. Once we have worked with you to develop a check list of questions we should ask and if the call is urgent, but not an emergency, then we can pass the call on to the on-call person for that time slot.

HIPPA compliance doesn’t allow for patient names to be part of the messages we send to you, so we will respond to situations in a way which is both HIPPA compliant and agreeable to you.

Give us a call and we can set something up that will work for you and your practice!


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