The Benefits of a Virtual Receptionist

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You have a business that is finally beginning to catch on. More help would be great, but how do you keep up with everything you already have going on and spend the time to hire just the right person to represent your company? Most  businesses start small.

You are in this moment a smaller company with just a couple of partners or employees or perhaps currently it’s just you. It may not be financially possible for your  small businesses to hire a full time secretary or receptionist to handle the day-to-day calls.So what should you do? How about hiring a Virtual Receptionist?

A virtual receptionist can be a cost effective way that your small business get the best customer support without the added cost of more employees.  Here are some benefits of hiring an answering service to be your virtual receptionist.

  1. Save money on customer service: Virtual receptionists cost a fraction of the cost that full-time receptionists do, enabling you to use that money to further your company’s growth instead.
  2. You can better manage your time: Having a virtual receptionist to answer your calls allows you to step away from the desk and avoid being tied down to the office. Letting the virtual receptionist take messages allows you to better prioritize your calls and attend to issues in order of importance.
  3. Maintain a professional image: Calls that are answered quickly and professionally give your company a great image and impress clients.
  4. Always get great customer service: Virtual receptionists can be briefed on how you want your business’s calls answered so that your clients calls are always answered by a courteous and knowledgeable person.
  5. Calls are always answered during business hours: With a virtual receptionist you can rest assured that calls will always be answered during your hours of operation. There isn’t the risk of your receptionist going on vacation or taking a break.

The most important  benefit  for having a  one of our operators act as a virtual receptionist for your small business is the professionalism of our people.  They are competent, friendly, helpful and never grumpy and rushed. If you are answering your business calls yourself or letting them go to voicemail there is a good chance you could  lose out to the competition, but hiring a virtual receptionist will allow you to represent your company in the best possible light. .

With so many advantages, don’t hesitate –give us a call, we can set up a virtual receptionist today and get you ready for a stellar year in 2017!

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