The Added Benefits of a Virtual Receptionist


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There were a few years, not so long ago, where, as a business owner, I would pick up the phone to make sure it was still working. Now, it’s seems like it keeps ringing all the time. Business is doing so well that companies are at the point where they need to hire more people, but it seems like just when you get someone all trained and working well, they end up leaving for a better position.

Can’t depend on one person for your call needs? If the answer is yes, you need to appoint a virtual receptionist service.

In today’s competitive market, the first impression made by the person who answers your customers’ call is very important. A frazzled or grumpy person may cause you to lose a customer. Whereas, a virtual receptionist can be a cost-effective way that your small business gets the best customer support without the added cost of more employees.  Here are some benefits of hiring an answering service to be your virtual receptionist.

  1. Virtual receptionists are available throughout the day unlike in-house receptionists who leave as the day ends. They are available even on holidays and weekends. You don’t even have to worry if they are going on vacation. They are here to answer your calls despite of all of the above. Thus, you don’t have to worry about missing out on any opportunities. They will answer your every call.
  2. When your calls are being received and answered by a professional and courteous person, what you receive on the other end is an appreciative caller. Your customers get to talk to well qualified people and is either helped or directed to someone who can answer their questions. This gives you an edge in the highly competitive market.
  3. When your calls are being handled by virtual reps, your time is free up to deal other issues which need attention. While you can also keep in touch with what’s happening with your calls. You can prioritize the ones which need your attention.  And the others can be forwarded to other people belonging to different departments who can handle them.
  4. Employing virtual receptionists can reduce your costs, while hiring in-house reps prove to be costlier. Virtual receptionists help you to save more and increase your business while also providing quality services. They can handle large volume of calls giving the same amount of attention to every call. You don’t have to pay for over-head expenses as well.


The largest benefit however for having a virtual receptionist for your small business is the professionalism that your company will have. Using virtual receptionists may ensure that your calls are being answered by a professional and courteous person. They are trained enough to be a representative of any company.  We work with you to ensure we have the right information answer your calls in a way  that your customers get flawless experience.


With so many advantages, don’t hesitate – call Central Comm, and hire a virtual receptionist today and start reaping the benefits!

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