Thank You for Referrals!!

Thank you

Thank you


At Central Communications Answering Service we know the importance of getting our name out there. We support local charities; we have a great website, do SEO and social media. All of those things work well for us. But  the very best way to get new business is from customer referrals.

There is nothing that warms our hearts more than one of our customers endorsing our services and recommending us to other business owners. Referrals can be risky for people, that is why people are sometimes hesitant to give them. We always want to make a good impression on anyone who calls in asking to learn more about our service. Secretly I think we try just a little bit harder when we get a referral from an existing client. Not only do we want to get the business from this new prospect, but we want our existing customer to feel good about recommending our services.

So today’s blog is going to be a Thank you. Thank you to all of you who have referred us business over the past years!!

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