Starting a New Business? Central Comm is Here for You!

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Are you getting ready to start your own business? How exciting! We remember when we decided to go into the Answering Service Business. It was scary and exciting all at the same time. In our situation, Central Comm was not a business that  we started from the ground up. We bought an existing business that was running well, and we built it up from there. In some ways that is easier than starting from scratch. In others, not so much

When you purchase an existing business you generally inherit customers. Sometimes those customers aren’t very happy that ownership has changed and they can give you a tussle. In other situations you may be inheriting problems the owner forgot to inform you of. But with great customer service and some hard work, you can overcome these obstacles and go on to great success.

You will need to constantly be on the look out for ways to improve your business and keep up with changing times. When we started working Central Comm nobody knew anything about texting, email message delivery and E-commerce. Taking orders for an online company? Who could have forseen that one?

Today,  our customers use our services for more and more everyday business tasks. From becoming their virtual receptionists to answering calls for large Seminars. We don’t simply answer the phone and take messages, we function as a dispatch for service companies, and we call the elderly to make sure they are okay.

Central Comm’s business keeps growing and evolving with the times, and we enjoy the challenge.When you start your new business what will your goals be? What can we do to help you? We are a great resource to help you get started on a small budget, and to grow with you as your needs grow.

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