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Social Media is a necessity these days. If people can’t find your company, even if they have a referral for your services, you probably won’t get their business. People want to be able to check out your business and see reviews of your services.

But don’t misunderstand a presence on social media is not simply the act of pushing out 140 characters in a tweet, a series of hashtags, or random Facebook post.  It is the face and voice of your brand online and that is an incredible responsibility to carry on your shoulders. When you venture into social media you and your team should try to remember that it’s interactive, and the more you create posts that invite interaction, or at the very least, sharing, the more successful you will be with your various social media accounts.central comm busienss services

If you don’t already have a team in place, and you haven’t already been active on social media, it could be a good idea to outsource your social media campaign to begin with. Be careful to make certain the company you work with understands who your ideal customer is, and what kind of tone you want to set for your social media brand. Funny and irreverent will work with some customers, but turn others off. Just pushing out products and asking for the order is also not the way to go.

This is why so many businesses fail on social media. They don’t hire social media managers and teams that have the experience and filtering in order to respond/behave in ways that are flattering and uplifting to your brand.

It’s a good idea to get on the various social media platforms, and to begin to follow your competitor’s posts, and the posts of some of the most successful companies on Social Media. Ford and Wendy’s are two that come to mind.

Wendy’s is the KING of social media at the moment with their tongue-in-cheek joking responses and zingers. They are navigating that very thin line that keeps them from cruelty and rudeness and being comical. This is one amazing example of why you need experienced social media management.  It can revitalize your company’s image practically overnight.

Social media is highly interactive and it’s important that you have a cool head, whether it is being clever or humorous or defusing a potential timebomb.

If a disgruntled customer makes a particularly nasty or crude remark, an experienced social media manager will have faced this many times before, and will know exactly how to respond to diffuse the situation. The best way is never, ever pick a fight and always striek a conciliatory tone.

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