Social Media and Your Business



If you’re on the fence about the importance of social media for your business success, we are here to share with you this, It’s time to climb on down off that fence and get engaged. Just imagine how you could grow your customer base with a skilled and experienced social media specialist who can implement the right strategies to get you the results and reach that you’re after.

Not quite sold on the idea of hiring a social media manager? Read on for  some good reasons why your business needs a social media specialist.

1. Social Media Affects Your Entire Business

Social media isn’t just for posting sales and pictures of what you ate for lunch.  It is so very much more and you should be taking advantage of it and growing your brand.  People are paying attention to social media and they pay particular attention of you’re NOT on social media. A company not posting out information and entertainment is considered a company that’s not in the know.

2. The Right Social Media Management Strategy Is A Full Time Endeavor

Many businesses assign social media responsibilities to employees who already have full-time roles. Social media never stops. People are being exposed to your brand via different platforms 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. To properly manage your social media accounts, you need someone who can dedicate a significant amount of time to work.

3. A Social Media Specialist Knows the Latest Trends

One social media strategist said you go to bed an expert and will all the constant changes you have to relearn quickly.  Part of a social media manager’s responsibility is to stay informed of these changes. You want someone who knows how to use hashtag, spot trending topics and post for optimal views and clicks.

4. You Need Analytics on Your Social Media Performance

What does a social media specialist do in addition to managing the activity on your accounts? Your social media manager should be able to break down your campaigns, posting and analytics to show you exactly what works, your return on investment and your new growth.  .

5. Get A Competitive Edge

Without a social media specialist to manage your social advertising, you may be barely treading water in your social media marketing so why not surge ahead of your competitors and take the lead?

6. Integrate Your Entire Social Media Across The Platforms

You may already have a Facebook page, a Google+ business page, and a Twitter account. But have you built strategies designed to coordinate social media with your product launches, promotions, and special events? People want to feel connected to the companies they do business with. They want to see where your company gives back to the community, is it environmentally conscious? Do you give people time off to volunteer.

Building a strong and consistent social media presence isn’t just important in your quest for customers, it’s vitally important in your recruiting as well. If your social media is all about pushing product, and it’s stale and repetitive, then you will be placed on the ignore pile. If, however, it’s informative, entertaining as well as asking for the business, the chances are good that you will get a positive reaction. It’s also important to share your company’s philosophy about giving back to the community and other important social issues.


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