Smartphone in Glasses?

Each morning when I wake up, I remind myself that every day is a gift and that new discoveries are waiting around the corner. I walk outside or log myself in to see what the world has to offer. Today was especially interesting because of this concept-idea that I came across. Google is apparently working on a Smartphone that can be worn as glasses. I can’t speak for those of you out there reading this blog, but I myself am anxiously awaiting the release of this product.

Answering Service USA“The company on Wednesday unveiled a long-rumored concept called “Project Glass,” which takes all the functionality of a smartphone and places it into a wearable device that resembles eyeglasses. The see-through lens could display everything from text messages to maps to reminders. They may be capable of showing video chats, providing turn-by-turn directions, taking photos and recording notes — all through simple voice commands, according to a concept video produced by the company and released on YouTube.”Why is this concept such a big deal to me? Well, for one thing, I wouldn’t have to keep track of my phone and my glasses. Two, I would not have to stop and input information to get information–it would just appear before my eyes!

I, for one, cannot wait for this device to come out, but you all should remember that the proto-type of any new phone always has some minor bugs. Just be patient and “see” what this can really do for you 😉