Smart Phone App for Time Sheets

Central Communications acts as a dispatch service, an answering service, a virtual receptionist and handles all kinds of inbound call issues. Because of our services, and the fact that we can set you up with your very own 800 number, it can look like you are anywhere, or everywhere, in the country. You are no longer tied to a physical location.

These days, the major payroll companies can do the same thing for you and your employees, all over the country.Central Comm, time sheets, employees , central communications and taking care of customers They can process your payroll for you, AND they can set you and your employees up with a Smart Phone App for your employees Time Sheets. That way you always know how many hours to pay your hourly employees for. When they travel from account to account, it’s a great way for them and you to track how much time to bill to each of the customers.

It will also feed that data into the payroll processing system. Thus assuring that each paycheck reflects the correct number of hours you will be paying each employee.

New applications for technology are popping up every day, and we do our best to stay abreast of all of the ones which might help our customers and yours.


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